BOOSTER Precision Components GmbH is an international supplier focused on the production and distribution of highly precise metal parts. The focus of its activities is currently on compressor wheels and components for VTG turbochargers mainly used in the automotive sector – in both combustion and hybrid engines. As part of BOOSTER’s growth strategy, the product portfolio has been expanded to include components for use in electrified and hydrogen-powered vehicles as well as for industrial and medical applications with a positive impact on efficiency and sustainability.

In the financial year 2022, BOOSTER generated revenues of around EUR 156.2 million with 870 employees. EBITDA amounted to EUR 19.5 million, while net profit was at EUR 2.1 million.

Information from the BOOSTER Group: Investor Presentation

Investment highlights of BOOSTER Group

  1. Globally leading specialist in the production of highly engineered critical precision metal parts for various end-markets and applications including e-mobility and hydrogen as well as growth opportunities in the industrial and medical markets. More than half of current prototype developments are for the next generation of e-mobility and fuel cell applications.
  2. The superior engineering, material and manufacturing know-how combined with the well-invested and highly automated machine park provides sufficient capacity for further growth.
  3. Strategically located manufacturing footprint with five modern and integrated production facilities across Europe, Asia and Central America provide global customer proximity in an increasingly local sourcing market environment.
  4. Maintaining longstanding relationships with tier 1 suppliers and OEMS, BOOSTER serves four out of the top five turbocharger players accounting for more than 65% of the global market volume. High switching barriers through multi-year order cycles, a limited number of suppliers capable of meeting quality and volume demands as well as lengthy qualification and onboarding processes ensure stability and consistent demand.
  5. Long production cycles drive early orders for critical parts such as turbochargers, providing a recurring revenue stream. Pass-through clauses on raw materials, with three-month delays, protect the Group’s margins by covering 50% of its cost base.
  6. With stable margins and strong cash generation BOOSTER demonstrates a strong credit profile. Its first bond, issued in 2022 (A30V3Z / NO0012713520), offers attractive conditions to the bondholders.
  7. Scalable platform in place for profitable organic and inorganic growth with clearly defined and implemented strategy. Future growth and further diversification underlined.