Sustainability in Process: BPC Beluša going Green

Monday the 11th of December 2023 was a special day for BPC Beluša. On this day the company celebrated its “re-opening” after almost nine years when the company took residence in its factory in Beluša and presented the changes in Beluša and its new strategy based on ESG principles.

The re-opening was a celebration of the transformation process that the company on that day officially kicked off. The managing director Roland Grijpma and the BOOSTER Group CEO Jerko Bartolić officially re-opened the company premises by cutting a ribbon.

The company presented the first visible changes in the factory that are part of a larger ESG plan to transform the company by ways of a new strategy and a new way of working within the company, accompanied with an improved design of the internal and external areas that will create an impulse for creativity and cooperation to support the implementation of its new sustainability strategy.  

Several areas in the company were redesigned and renovated to create a healthier and more pleasant working environment, among which the entrance, meeting areas and the canteen. This transformation project named “TRAFO project Beluša” was created by the common ideas and thoughts of the team, consisting of 6 members: Zuzana Macúchová (main leader), Miriam Polníková, Hana Selická, Jana Ondrášová, Katarína Knapová and Patrik Puchoň.

As the main leader, Zuzana Macúchová, explained” the target of the TRAFO project Beluša is fully focus on ESG principles and not only to build a new modern work environment but also create a safe and pleasant working environment to support cooperation between people, creating a company employee centric culture, increase the image of the company in the community and add value to the presence of the company. We worked hard to create the concept, looking for suppliers, ordering, organizing logistics processes and daily communication in the TRAFO team that proved that big things could happen with small changes.”

In 2024 the next steps will be the refurbishing of the operator’s dressing rooms, changes to the exterior’s premises, offices, meeting rooms and a revitalization of areas in the production will also be included. “Our vision is to implement more green and sustainable materials and processes in and outside our plant to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability for the company, the employees and the environment” Jana Ondrasova, sustainability coordinator of BPC Beluša explained.

Also, HR Manager Patrik Puchon, in his address to the entire staff, emphasized the need for improvement, urging everyone to strive for success: “our company, BPC Beluša, is made up of every single employee, to transform it is the people that have to change the mindset to accept change and have the will to build a way to ensure a green prosperous future.”

After a short tour of the redesigned premises, Mr. Roland Grijpma thanked the whole TRAFO team for their dedication, impressive results and speed of implementation next to their usual work. He explained “the TRAFO team understood very well what ESG is about, because many people think ESG is just about CO2 and sustainability for the environment, but ESG is much broader and is a balance of environmental, social and governance, this the base perspective we took”. After that he presented the strategic transformation that will take place in the way how BPC Beluša is going to do business. “We will change our strategic approach and go from “invented there” to “invented here”. He explained how the new R&D department that has started will give an extra boost to the longer term profitability of the company and how important it is that a transformation in how we work and our work place environment can accelerate this process. He also talked about the future and the vision for BPC Beluša to innovate and develop Green Technologies and the symbiosis of that strategy with our Sustainability strategy.

After the tour and presentations our CEO Mr. Bartolić thanked the whole TRAFO team and the employees for making such tremendous changes possible. He told us of the first time when he came to BPC Beluša in 2017 and, looking back over the past years, he assessed that Beluša had changed and improved the most of all plants and expressed his thanks to the team that had done a lot of work in such a short time and how he sees the potential of BPC Beluša for the future. In the end, he expressed full support from the BPC Group for the new direction and wished us good luck in achieving our next goals.

Jana Ondrášová
Sustainability Coordinator

BOOSTER Precision Components Beluša s.r.o.